• Spring Pasture, Fructans, and Founder

    By Larry Lawrence, PhD, Kentucky Equine Research, and Stephanie Valberg, DVM The University of Minnesota Extension All horses are subject to digestive upsets associated with

  • Obesity

    Written by Dr. Tom Lenz on behalf of AQHA Courtesy of AAEP Fat horses are at greater risk for exercise intolerance, founder, metabolic syndrome, insulin

  • Dieticians Boast Healthful Benefits…What About Your Horse?

    Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily Learn more about the details of your horse’s nutrition The nutrition industry is beginning to understand what role fermentation, gut

  • Buddy-Sour Horses

    Courtesy of Downunder Horsemanship Whether your horse doesn’t want to leave his buddies on the trail or overreacts when you take him away from his

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